Credit line for development of energy efficiency

Credit line for Development of Energy Efficiency


Loan Beneficiaries

- companies, entrepreneurs, local self-governments, public companies, tenants’ assemblies established and registered in compliance with the regulatory requirements, based in and or residing in the territory of the Republic of Serbia

Purpose of loan

- financing of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources projects. Examples of eligible projects:

Replacement of heating systems

Insulation of exterior walls and roofs

Replacement of outside windows and doors

Replacement of lighting fixtures

Installation of thermostatic valves on radiators

Investment in companies – manufacturers and/or suppliers of energy efficient equipment

Solar thermal system for sanitary hot water

Replacement of conventional heating systems with heat pump

Installation of photovoltaic solar panels

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, improvement of heating source, distribution of heat, usage of renewable energy, compressed air, combined heat pump installations and power plants, and/or the related necessary equipment, engines/motors and electronics

Loan amount


- pursuant to creditworthiness of the client, maximum amount of the loan is EUR 10.000.000,00

Exchange rate

- middle exchange rate for disbursement of the loan, repayment of principal, interest calculation


RSD with currency clause in EUR

Loan repayment period

- from 13 until 60 months from the date of the loan disbursement

Grace period

- up to 12 months

Loan repayment

- in monthly/quarterly installments