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WEB E-bank

WEB E-Bank is the service for electronic banking intended for financial operations via Internet. You can use WEB E-Bank service anywhere 24-7.


  • No time or space limit
  • Speed, quality and security of operations
  • Simple use
  • Lower costs of the execution of transactions

Technical Preconditions

  • PC
  • Internet connection (Dial-up, LAN, ADSL, GPRS... )
  • Web Browser (minimum Internet Explorer 5.5, Netscape Navigator 6.0, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Maxton or any other with similar characteristics)


  • Current accounts
  • Payment to predefined accounts, accounts registered by request or payments without limitation depending on reporting to application.
  • Credit payment for pre-paid cell phones in the real time
  • Payment for internet hours in the real time
  • Foreign currency savings
  • Dinar savings
  • Unrealized cheques
  • Payment cards
  • Exchange office
  • Internal transfers
  • Credits
  • Credit calculator
  • Foreign exchange list
  • Currency converter
  • Information on interest rates


WEB E-Bank service users-natural persons, can use different ways of authentication, which is in accordance with the security policy, that provide different levels of authentication to the user when executing payments. Users may register to the application with one of the following authentication ways:

Username and password

Users that register in this way can only execute payment to the account from the List of predefined accounts, or the accounts that the user registers by completing the Request for New Recipients Registration.

USB token
USB token is the memory unit which contain personal digital confirmation issued by the certifying body  KOBB CA. Users that register in this way may execute payments to any account. Users that own the USB token may also register to the application by username and password (without USB token), but in that case they can only execute payment to the predefined, i.e. the accounts registered by completing the New Recipients Registration Request.

In order to become a user you are required to complete / submit:

1.     Application form for WEB E-Bank service use for natural persons

2.     Agreement on Offering of E-banking Services for Natural Persons  (The Agreement must be completed in 2 copies)

3.     Request for registration of new WEB E-Bank service recipients for Natural Persons  if you wish to execute payments in favour of the accounts that are not on the list of predefined accounts

4.     Request for Personal Digital Confirmation Issue (only for USB token)

5.     Photocopy of the ID card (only for USB token)

Registration to the Application

With Username and Password

To the e-mail you entered in the Application Form we shall send you your username, while you can take the protected envelope with password in your parent outlet after three days from the day of the receipt of notification with username. Start your internet browser and in the address field enter the following address: ebankweb.kombank.com

With USB token

To the e-mail you entered in the Application Form we shall send you your username, while you can take the protected envelope containing PIN code and USB token in your parent outlet after three days from the day of the receipt of notification with username. Before you start using the application it is necessary that you install Nexus Personal application to your PC (application installation is described in the Natural Persons' Instruction). Plug the USB token you received from the Bank in the available USB port and initiate your web browser; then enter the following address in the address field: ebankweb.kombank.com. The window shall appear where you need to enter the PIN code. After entering the PIN code, password window shall appear. When registering for the first time, user shall enter wanted password (8 to 10 characters). Each next time the user shall register to the application by using PIN code and password he/she generated. The user may also register with the username and password he/she has generated, but with limited authorisations.
Operating on the WEB E-Bank is described in detail in the.

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