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Web E-bank

WEB E-Bank is the e-banking service intended for financial business dealings via Internet. You can use WEB E-Bank service anywhere, 24-7.

Advantages of doing business via WEB E-Bank

  • There is no time or space limit
  • Simple use

What kind of equipment do you need to use WEB E-Bank service?

  • PC
  • Internet connection (Dial-up, LAN, ADSL, GPRS...)
  • Web browser (minimum Internet Explorer 5.5, Netscape Navigator 6.0 or other with the same features )

What does WEB E-Bank service provide?

  • Presentation of current account statement
  • Presentation of current account transactions

Note: In order to use this service you must have an opened current account with Komercijalna Banka A.D. Beograd

How to become WEB E-Bank user?

Fill in the Application Form for use of the WEB E-Bank service for legal persons in the Bank's branch office

How does one use WEB E-Bank service?

We shell send you to the a e-mail address you provided in the Application Form your username, and you can take the sealed envelope with password at your master teller's room in the branch office three days after the day of the receipt of note stating your username.

In order to use WEB E-Bank service, you need to type in your web browser the following address: ebankweb.kombank.com., and then register by using the username and password.
Work from WEB E-Bank is described in details in the Manual for WEB E-Bank service for citizens.

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