Foreign Cheques

When it comes to cashing a cheque...

Komercijalna Banka repurchases banking, traveller’s, treasurer’s cheques, as well as those of both retail and corporate clients, offering very favourable repurchasing terms.

The clients may collect their money immediately, for traveller’s cheques up to 1.000 USD, banking cheques up to 250.00 USD and treasurer’s cheques to do 1.000,00 EUR/USD by

  • Deposit on F/X account and out payment in currency or
  • Repurchase in dinar counter-value.

In other cases, cheques are being deposited on F/X account due to verification with foreign bank or sending for collection (the collection). Payment of cheque is performed upon receipt of coverage by foreign bank, in both foreign currency and dinars, according to the client’s wish.

Note: Due to suspension of services rendered by our correspondent bank, Komercijalna Banka shall not be able to receive foreign cheques denominated in USD during a certain period of time, regardless of the cheque type.

Upon occasion of cheque repurchase, the Bank charges the fee as anticipated by the effective Bank’s Tariff of Fees.

Type of Service


 Re-purchase of foreign cheque through exchange office

2,00% min RSD 200,00

 F/X account deposit:


- cash F/X currency out payment – immediately upon presentation

1,50% min RSD 200,00

- out payment upon expiry of certain time period(received approval)

1,00% min RSD 200,00

- pension cheque out payment


 Collection of foreign cheques

2,00% min RSD 600,00 immediately upon cheque receipt + foreign bank’s expenses

Likewise, the Bank performs issue of nostro cheques for payment of goods and services abroad, on the account of client’s request. Such payments abroad are being effected in accordance with the Law on F/X Operations, with presentation of adequate documents.

Fees valid for this type of activity are anticipated by the effective Bank’s Tariff of Fees.

Type of Service


Nostro cheques issue

1,50% min RSD 200,00 per cheque

Cheque voidance 

Expenses of foreign bank