Foreign Currency Pensions

Certain disbursements in foreign currency...

Komercijalna banka a.d. Beograd is the bank which acts as administrator for disbursement of pensions from:

  • Republic of Croatia for about 43.700 of pension users
  • Federation of BiH for approximately 12.000 users
  • Republic of Montenegro for about 4.600 pension users

The pensions are disbursed through foreign currency accounts with the Bank or with other disbursing banks.
The users from the Republic of Croatia, Federation of BiH and from the Republic of Montenegro who opt to receive their pensions through accounts with Komercijalna banka, shall be disbursed the pensions with no fee charged.

The Bank disburses other foreign currency pensions, as well, in respect of which other commercial banks act as administrators:
(from Germany, Austria, Macedonia, France, Sweden, Slovenia, Republika Srpska …).

All pension users with regular inflow through their foreign currency accounts with the Bank may submit the application for overdraft that may not exceed the amount of a single average pension increased by 50%. The overdrafts are approved for one year and the average inflow is calculated on the basis of pensions received over the preceding three months.