Framework Revolving Loans

Framework Revolving Loans


Purpose of loan

- financing periodic needs for working capital

- financing current liquidity


- RSD (without currency clause)

- RSD with currency clause

- foreign currency loan (EUR)*

Repayment period

  up to 12 months

Method of repayment

during the life of the loan, according to the client’s needs

Nominal interest rate (variable)

1.60% -1.75%**per month, variable, on disbursed funds – for RSD loans without currency clause

12.60%-13.95%** per year, variable, on disbursed funds – for RSD loans with currency clause and FX loans

Exchange rate

NBS middle exchange rate for disbursement of loan, repayment of principal and calculation of interest


depending on the client’s creditworthiness and collaterals provided


security depends on the client’s creditworthiness

*In accordance with the Law on FX Transaction
**Interest rate depends on the level of revenue.