International Payment Operations through E-Bank

Electronic International Payment Operations

Journey around the world in 80 seconds!

Komercijalna Banka offers quick and high-quality service of conducting payment operations, both in the country and abroad, to the clients that deal with foreign activities via electronic system of HAL E-bank.

Execute payments abroad and in the country from your own PC, thus saving time and money!

In order to become the HAL E-Bank service user, and perform electronic transactions abroad, you need to have an opened dinar and foreign currency account with Komercijalna Banka.

By installing the HAL E-bank system, you shall have the following services at your disposal:

  • Payments and remittance transfers with respect to the current and capital operations abroad, in accordance with the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations;
  • Possibility to issue payment orders via e-mail;
  • Collection of inflow on the basis of export of goods and services, non-commercial collection and transfers from abroad to your account (Bank’s client);
  • Possibility of all foreign currency payments in the country, in accordance with the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations;
  • Preparation of payment orders, and the possibility of advanced currency identification;
  • Statements download;
  • Keeping of prepared payment orders for several uses (regular or single monthly payments);
  • Endorsements on payments executed, changes on the account etc.

How to become a user?
In order to become a user of the electronic payment transactions service you are required to:

   1.    Have an opened foreign currency and dinar account with Komercijalna Banka a.d. Beograd
   2.    Have a PC which fulfils minimum hardware requirements:

  • Pentium processor (Pentium II recommended)
  • Free USB or serial port
  • At least 200MB hard disc space
  • CD-ROM unit (CD reader) which corresponds to the operational system, i.e. enables access to CD-ROM unit in local network
  • Memory size which corresponds to the operational system:
    • Windows 95/98/ME: at least 32 MB RAM recommended
    • Windows NT: at least 64 MB RAM recommended, processor speed at least 200 MHz and
    • Windows 2000 XP: at least 128 MB RAM recommended
  • Access to Internet provided  
  • Highly recommended, but not obligatory, the printer

   3.    Fill in and submit the following documents in the parent outlet: