Kombank Premium Set

Kombank Premium Set is a set of banking products and services specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients who use most of the premium segment advantages. The set that is included in the offer has innovative banking products and services, along with a number of additional benefits.


Services and products within the set:

• current account,

• foreign currency account,

• debit card(Visa PayWave),

• electronic services (eBank, mBank, SMS) and

• standing orders.



Insurance against financial losses resulting from misuse of payment card MasterCard Gold Contactless and other risks a (Secure wallet), along with the insurance against the unlawful use of a mobile phone / SIM card, include the coverage in case of:

  • abuse of unlawfully seized card,
  • skimming*,
  • unlawful appropriation of personal documents together with an insured card,
  • the costs of blocking and replacement of payment card and
  • illegal use of a mobile phone / SIM card by third parties.

*Skimming is a process of copying the magnetic record from a card magnetic stripe, which is directly linked to the theft of data from the card when it was used in a lawful transaction and utilization of duplicate of the card without the knowledge or consent of the cardholder and the card issuer.

Illegal use of a mobile phone / SIM card implies the expenses incurred by calls made by the third party that unlawfully uses a mobile phone / SIM card over the period of 24 hours prior to reporting the theft to police and the network provider (which then blocks the SIM card).



Insurance against accidents involves the contracted coverage for:

  • permanent disability from 50% to 100% as a result of an accident, and
  • death as a result of an accident.


Health insurance in case of surgical procedures – covering more than 2.000 different surgical procedures.

During each year of the insurance period (12 months period), the fee can be disbursed for multiple surgeries on different organs, but maximum up to 100% of the sum insured.



  • approval period up to 24 months,
  • 3 p.p. lower interest rate (28.75% p.a.)


More favourable exchange rate for purchase and sale of foreign currencies:

Users of Kombank Premium Set have the possibility to purchase and sell EURO via e-bank at the most favourable exchange rate in the market.


Credit cards and cards allowing deferred payment:

Visa Revolving credit card or MasterCard Instalment credit card or deferred payment MasterCard Standard card – one of the above cards can be in the set with no charge for the annual membership.


Deferred payment Visa Gold card and travel health insurance – with no charge for the annual membership.



Issuance of the first 5 cheques with no fee charged.


Other services:

  • Kombank Trader application for trading in securities.
  • Kombank Premium program of benefits – partner companies of Komercijalna banka that provide the users of premium set with additional benefits when purchasing products or services.
  • Special benefits that MasterCard Debit Gold Contactless Card allows to Premium Set users can be seen on the following link: