Loans Against 100% Deposit

Loans Against 100% Deposit



- RSD (no currency clause)

- RSD with currency clause

- foreign currency*

Repayment period

Up to 60 months

Repayment method

monthly/quarterly annuities or a bullet repayment

Nominal interest rate (variable)

RSD loans (without currency clause)

4.00% annually + interest on RSD deposit depending on maturity


RSD loans with currency clause and FX loans

3.50% annually + interest on FX deposit depending on maturity  

Grace period

according to client’s needs

Exchange rate

NBS middle exchange rate for disbursement of loan, repayment of principal and calculation of interest rate


depending on the amount of deposit

Security instrument 

- 100% deposit from a legal entity or private individual

- blank promissory note from a company/entrepreneur

*in accordance with the Law on Foreign Currency Transactions