Loans from KFW Credit Line

Komercijalna banka, in cooperation with KFW, German Government’s Development Bank, has prepared investment loans with repayment period of up to 84 months.


Agricultural Loans from KFW Credit Line



ü  Purchase of agricultural land and buildings

ü  Purchase, construction and expansion of agricultural buildings

ü  New agricultural machinery and equipment

ü Used machinery and equipment, no more than 5 years in use

ü  Investments in development of organic crop farming

ü    Measures for certification and standardization (HACCP etc.)

ü  Investments in primary herd

ü  Investments in fruit cultivation


At most 10% of approved loan can be used for working assets, and/or for purchase of:

ü  Seeds

ü  Fuel, fertilizers and alike

ü  Livestock for fattening

ü  Animal feed 


 RSD with currency clause

Repayment period

 From 13 to 84 months

Method of repayment

 One time / in tranches depending on project needs

Loan amount

 min. EUR 5.000,00 in RSD counter-value
 max. according to creditworthiness

Nominal * interest rate

  • From 6,95%, fixed up to 8,25% fixed  


  • From 5,95 pp + 6M Euribor up to 7,25 pp + 6M Euribor


 Depending on borrower’s creditworthiness

Front-end fee

 1% of approved loan amount, one time

* Interest rate depends on the size of the farm