Loans from the Credit Line of the European Investment Bank (EIB)

European Investment Bank, financial institution of the European Union, established in 1958 in line with the Treaty of Rome participates at the same level with domestic financial institutions in financing investment programmes which are part of the European Union’s objectives.  
This loan meets all financing eligibility criteria of the European Investment Bank. To beneficiaries of such loans, Komercijalna Banka provides benefits in terms of attractive interest rate in accordance with terms and conditions stipulated in corresponding Articles of the Loan Agreement. Such financial benefit means 50 base points (fifty base points) compared to annual interest rate which Komercijalna Banka would calculate on such loans without the participation of the European Investment Bank.  

Credit Line of the European Investment Bank


Apex Loan for SMEs, Mid-Caps and priority projects

Loan Beneficiaries

- Independent small and medium sized enterprises in line with the EIB’s criteria (up to 250 employees)

- Mid-Cap enterprises in line with the EIB’s criteria (from 250 to 3000 employees)

- Other beneficiaries (priority projects)

Loan Purpose

- Investments in the purchase of material property

- Non-material investments

- Development of distribution network

- Working capital

Loan Amount

- In line with the creditworthiness,

maximum loan amount is EUR 12,500.000.00

- Value of the funded project cannot exceed

EUR 25,000,000.00

Interest rate

- Variable interest rate established by the EIB increased by 0,3% per year on behalf of the agent (NBS) margins and 3% per year on behalf of the intermediary’s margin (Bank)



Loan Repayment Term

- Depending on the application, technical and economic life of the project

up to 12 years for small and medium sized enterprises

up to 15 years for priority projects

Minimum loan repayment term is 2 years

Grace Period

- Up to 4 years for SMEs and Mid-Caps

- Up to 5 years for priority projects

Loan Repayment

In equal monthly, three-month and/or equal six-month instalments