Property insurance

Property insurance - feeling safe in your own home

Insurance is made for buildings owned by the private individuals, that serve as the collateral for mortgage loans (the construction facility that is placed under mortgage).


It takes a lot of sacrifice and investments to build our beloved home and yet sometimes it can be jeopardized in a single moment by unexpected dangers. Maybe you cannot prevent it, but you can certainly avoid huge expenses and compensate for the damage on your property. 

Apartment/house insurance against fire and other perils 

The basic risk package includes fire and thunderbolt, explosion, storm, hail... If specifically contractually agreed upon, the insurance coverage protection can be provided at your choice for numerous additional risks against: earthquake, flood, torrent and high water and water spill from installations.


Special benefit:

  • 5% discount to calculated premium for the insurance of 5 to 10 years duration.    
  • 10% discount to calculated premium for the insurance of more than 10 years duration.

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