Short-Term Loans

Short-Term Loans


Purpose of loan

- financing working capital

- financing current liquididy

- financing export

- refinancing liabilities and loans in other banks

- other purposes


- RSD (without currency clause)

- RSD with currency clause

- FX loan (EUR)*

Repayment period

up to 12 months

Grace period

up to 3 months

Repayment method

monthly annuity

Nominal interest rate

for RSD loan (without currency clause): 1.55%-1.65%** monthly, variable

for RSD loan with currency clause and FX loan (EUR): 0.90%-1.05%** per month, variable


security depends on the client’s creditworthiness

Exchange rate

NBS middle exchange rate for disbursement of loan, repayment of principal and calculation of interest


one-off payment into the client’s account with Komercijalna banka


depending on the client’s creditworthiness and collaterals provided

*In accordance with the Law on FX Transactions
**Interest rate depends on the level of revenue