Travel Health Insurance

Security without Borders

You need TRAVEL INSURANCE because:
•    ... It is important that you feel safe, especially when you are away from home. The costs of medical assistance abroad are very high.
•    ... Wherever you travel for leisure or business, every moment of your trip should be a pleasure. It is important to know that anytime, anywhere you have someone who cares about you.
•    ...By contracting a policy ... you and your family secure a fast and reliable protection against possible embarrassment in case of sudden illness or injury abroad.


Why Dunav insurance policy?

In the case of an insured event (accident, injury, illness), it is necessary to contact the Help Centre   
APRIL Assistance – Contact center
Phone: +381 11 36 36 999
fax: +381 11 36 36 905
Operators are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Information is available in the Serbian language.

Insurance can be concluded for persons up to 85 years; however, for the persons over 70 years of age the premium increases.

Insurance can be concluded in the individual or family form (parents and children under 18).
Special benefits:
•    Family policy of Dunav Osiguranje – the best in the market!
•    Holders of Visa MyTag/One&Only card shall have a discount on travel health insurance at the selling points of the Bank, for unlimited times-travels in one year:
•    ¬For travels up to 30 days, 20% discount
•    For travels over 30 days, 25% discount