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Time used to be more than money!

E-banking intended for legal persons enables quicker, cheaper and safer business – with numerous conveniences:

  • Access to bank account funds and possibility to execute money transactions by the client with Komercijalna Banka a.d. Beograd from any location, both in the country and abroad, 24-7, without going to the Bank and with no limitations as to working hours!
  • Significant time saving – payment time is only 1-3 minutes;
  • Money saving: service rendered via E-bank is up to 50% cheaper than the classic one, rendered at the Bank's teller room.

The package contains:

  • Installation CD (programs and manual)                     
  • PIN envelope
  • Smart card
  • Smart card reader
Realize your business speed-up with fast e –transactions of Komercijalna Banka!

In order to perform electronic payment transaction for legal persons, Komercijalna Banka offers two program solutions:
 HAL E-bank and
 FX Client.

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+381 11/333 92 09, 333 92 10, 333 92 15
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  • Hal e bank
  • FX Client
  • International Payment Operations through E-Bank
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