Loans from the Credit line of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Credit Line (EBRD)

Credit Line of European bank for Redonstruction and Development


Loan beneficiaries

- Small, medium and large enterprises according to EU standards (less than 250 employees, annual turnover up to EUR 50 million)

Loan purpose

- Financing of working assets

- Export financing

- Inventory financing

- Receivable financing

- Purchase of equipment, machinery, vehicles

- Purchase, construction of business space

- Refinancing of own investment realized in previous 12 months

- Other purposes

Loan amount


- According to creditworthiness, minimum loan amount EUR 100.000,00

Interest rate

- Depending on client size, level of its cooperation with the bank, assessment of financial standing of the client and offered collaterals

Loan repayment term

- Up to 48 months (grace period included) for working assets loans

- Up to 60 months (grace period included) for investment loans

Grace period

- Up to 9 months for working assets loans

- Up to 12 months for investment loans

Loan repayment

- In monthly / quarterly instalments


- In line with the Bank’s Business Policy, and depending on client’s creditworthiness  

- Concerning loans with term structure that does not exceed 24 months, the client must provide mortgage on property of value, quality, location and registration schedule acceptable for the bank.