To all current account holders Komercijalna banka issues Maestro card – with no charges for issuance and no membership fee.

Maestro card users more easily dispose of the funds on their current accounts, 24 hours a day, - 365 days a year, whether in the country or abroad.

On the front of the Maestro card is the number of the user’s transaction account, and thus, in addition to the function of payment card, it also functions as the identification (ID) card of the current account.

Komercijalna banka has provided the possibility of cash withdrawal by Maestro card in Bank’s ATM network with no charges for the service performed.

Maestro card of Komercijalna banka can also be used to pay for goods and services at the locations where Maestro logo is displayed prominently.

It functions on principle of on-line authorization, which means that the user can make payments, either in the country or abroad, up to the amount of funds available on the current account. The use of the card abroad is not conditioned by opening the special purpose foreign currency account.

Besides the main card, the user may request for up to two additional cards to be issued (which are linked to the accounts of the main card user).

The cardholder can collect free of charge the Offer and the draft wording of the Contract in the Bank’s sub-branch. 

We recommend!
Free service of notification on the authorization of payment card via SMS in order to prevent misuse

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